Free Surfing Lessons & Skateboarding Lessons

Wanna learn to skate? to surf? Well, you've come to the right place because WoW are hosting skate & surf events that are free for youths. Our skate & Surfing lessons are run by kick-ass, good value people that can show you the ropes, safety and how to carve like a pro. Get surf and skateboarding lessons for free after school and we'll even provide you with a feed to keep your energy levels up.  Instead of searching google for “skateparks near me”, start by choosing your location below and see what upcoming events we have in your area. You'll be walk'n on water in no time!

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This is a test event. Check back soon for real events near you.

What’s involved in a free surfing lesson?

WoW events provide all attendees with an introductory option. You’ll start by learning on the beach to watch the waves, measuring where the rips are, which bank is breaking and how. You’ll get to know weather conditions, swell direction, surf reports, and you’ll be taught the ideal pop up technique for getting started. We provide all equipment required, but if you have your own gear, that’s even better. Still, please check each surfing lesson event for specifics, as details may vary.


What’s involved in a free skateboarding lesson?

Skateboarding lessons always start with a safety briefing. This includes checking your ride for damage, loose bearings, trucks, and everything related. You’ll be shown proper techniques, tricks and each move will be broken down and explained how to master it. Practice makes perfect, and of course, you’ll fall a few times along the journey. You’ll get to do this in a safe environment, amongst good people, and you’ll have plenty of laughs, plus a decent feed.