Movie nights are movie meetup for youths all across NZ. In fact, most of the time, these events are held after school, and attendees get to enjoy catching up with mates, having a feed provided and a bit of friendly banter along the journey. WoW events are free and provided as a good cause to help young people find a community of awesome people with good values and an environment without judgement. These events are super popular, especially through winter, so register early to secure your spot. Consider it a movie meetup that's social, safe and you'll make friendships that could last a lifetime.

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What Are Movie Meet Up’s


Movie nights or movie arvos are usually themed. We’ll pick a few movies in advance, so if it’s not your jam, just read the event and don’t sign up. That said, it’s always good to mix up the genre, and getting together is more about the people you’ll meet, the bonds you’ll create and putting a smile on the faces around you. It’s about creating a group of mates you can rely on at our movie meetups, so if you’re ever going through a hard time, there will be people to look out for you, people that have your back.