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Here we have New Zealand’s best list of churches that you can browse by map and by city. Our goal as an organisation is to encourage as many people in to Christian churches as possible. In fact, if you’d like a free bible, go to the menu and you’ll see a page where we’ll send you one 100% free. Amongst sending bibles, the purpose of creating New Zealand’s directory of churches is only to support our true mission, which is to help troubled youths find safe communities, fun activities and the right values. Please contribute in anyway you can by thinking of events that could be loaded on our website, or any other means. God bless.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Churches in New Zealand.

What is the difference between Catholic and Anglican churches in New Zealand?

Catholic and Anglican (Episcopal) churches are separate branches of Christianity. Catholics follow the Pope’s authority and believe in papal infallibility. Anglicans have their own leadership structure. Both acknowledge seven sacraments, but differ in views on the Eucharist. Liturgical practices vary. Catholic priests are typically celibate, while Anglican clergy can marry. Views on women’s ordination and LGBTQ+ inclusion differ. Understanding these differences within the broader Christian context is important

Who can attend Church?

Anyone with an open heart and mind can attend a church. Often people turn to Christianity during tough times. A churches community will support those in need and create a network of trust and friendship.

What sacraments do the Catholic and Anglican Churches recognise?

Both the Catholic and Anglican Churches recognise seven sacraments, which include baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, marriage, and holy orders. While these sacraments are common to both, the Anglican Church’s interpretation and practice can differ across various regions.

What kind of activities do church communities usually partake in?

New Zealand church communities typically get involved in a range of activities that foster spiritual growth and community bonds. These activities include regular services with singing, sermons, and sacraments; Bible study sessions for deeper understanding; prayer meetings for communal supplication; fellowship events such as potlucks and game nights; youth programs, community service initiatives like volunteering and outreach; mission trips; pastoral care and counselling support; music ministry; educational seminars; holiday celebrations; evangelism efforts; art and creativity expressions; support groups; care for the elderly and homebound; and health and wellness initiatives.

Can I volunteer at a Church?

Absolutely, volunteering at a church is a wonderful way to get involved and make a positive impact. Many churches welcome volunteers to participate in various activities, such as assisting with services, community events, helping with outreach projects, supporting youth and children’s programs, contributing to music ministry, offering your skills in administrative tasks, participating in mission trips, and engaging in charitable initiatives.

What is a fellowship event at a church?

A fellowship event in a church refers to a social gathering or activity where members come together to build relationships, share experiences, and strengthen the sense of community. These events encourage a welcoming and inclusive environment, often including activities like potluck dinners, picnics, game nights, movie screenings, coffee hours, and outings. Fellowship events play a significant role in connecting individuals, creating a sense of belonging, and providing opportunities for friendship and support within the church community.

How are churches involved in youth groups? And where can I find one?

Churches play an active role in youth groups as they provide a platform for young people to connect, grow, and explore their faith. Youth groups typically involve regular meetings or gatherings where teens and young adults participate in discussions, Bible studies, and relevant topics. These groups often organise retreats, workshops, and community service projects, fostering personal development, leadership skills, and a sense of social responsibility. Additionally, churches may offer their facilities for functions, opportunities for youth to participate in worship services, music ministry, and creative activities. In fact churches are often the organisers of youth groups. By providing a supportive environment and mentorship, churches aim to empower young individuals in their spiritual journey and everyday lives. Find New Zealand youth groups here.

Church is often boring for Children, what fun activities are available?

First and foremost, many New Zealand Christian churches provide youth groups which are fun and safe environments for youths to learn the faith and develop a support network of good values. Churches are also linked organisations like Walk’n On Water (WoW) which provides a platform for free youth events around New Zealand.

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