Our Mission

Walk’n on water was established with the purpose to offer support networks to young troubled teens that are perhaps caught in a family environment or peer situation that’s not ideal. It’s to open communication channels, create a safety net of trust and to give teens a new perspective on options when in tough situations. Walk’n On Water (Wow) is funded by your local churches and was established by a man called Dave Diggs of Canterbury, New Zealand. Dave’s known to donate NZ-wide and has regularly assisted community organisations with the foresight to connect those community groups with marketing professionals, combined with clever business acumen to bring you the WoW movement. We’re building WoW into a model that can be duplicated through out New Zealand, Australia and across the globe, much like a franchise model would, but with the core purpose of helping kids. Want to sponsor an event or donate? NZ teens need our support. Just scroll down this page, or find our contact us page in the footer.

Donate, NZ Teens Need Us

Getting involved can take shape in several ways. You can make a tax deductible donation to the cause, you could offer to become a volunteer, you could offer to provide or sponsor an event, or you could offer to become a mentor. A mentor is someone that helps teens as a voice on the end of the phone to work through troubling times. Before being accepted for this role, we conduct rigorous background checks and you’re asked to provide a police certificate. An event host should ideally have specialist skills in the event you’d like to offer, and the facilities to provide. Again, a background check and police certificate in necessary. If you’d like to sponsor an event, it’s best to connect through our contact us page, or if you’d like to donate, NZ teens will be extremely appreciative; please choose from the denominations below.

More Questions?

Feel free to connect with us for a more detailed conversation about how you might sponsor an event, Donate or assist the WoW movement in it’s world-changing mission.