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Donate online, get involved by hosting or sponsoring an event, connect with our churches in Christchurch, or ask questions. We're here to help Kiwi youths find their place in life, to find friends that will have their backs through thick & thin. Our events are often provided by community groups, Christchurch and New Zealand wide at no cost to the attendees, so every donation or contribution counts. Get involved to support the future and mental health of New Zealand.

    Donate Online

    If you want to donate online, then there couldn’t be a better organisation to contribute towards than WoW. We’re a group with the values of helping youths who are going through tough situations at home, facing peer pressures at school. Community groups, Christchurch and New Zealand – wide have been trying to provide free events to youths for some time, but they’ve never managed to professionalise it and often struggle to find the numbers to attend. Combining digital marketing skills with the Christian community in a non-pushy way is the answer. Donate here

    There are 2400 searches on Google a month for the term “things to do”, and a good portion of those searches are going to be from our youths. It’s an opportunity to transform someone’s life and future proof the mental health of New Zealand. Churches in Christchurch have got together to start this movement. Our events aren’t about pushing Christianity onto youths. Instead, we provide good values and a safe environment, that’s it. Want to learn more, understand the statistics and why this is an essential organisation to donate online to? Have a look at a short version of our first-ever presentation.