Free Bible’s NZ-Wide – We’ll deliver them to your letterbox, free of charge. You’ll get a copy of our Gideons supplied Holy Bible sent to you within 7 days, anywhere in New Zealand. If you’re in a real hurry, you can also pick them up from our collection point in Christchurch at 3, Shirley Road. Alternatively, we have downloadable options of free bibles, either in App form, or available as a PDF


Your Free Bibles Are Easy To Understand

Your free bibles are distributed by Gideons and printed in modern, easy-to-understand English. Any hard copy free Bibles and Testaments sent to you are written in English. If English is your second language, then please refer to our downloadable bible app. You’ll get invaluable guidance, both spiritually and in life’s challenges from this publication, while being packed full of tips for understanding and reading the Bible. WoW’s goal, alongside Gideons, is to provide hope to people experiencing emotional stress and anxiety. We provide access to the Christian culture for those who don’t have it readily available, and WoW’s mission is specifically to assist youths in finding direction and healthy life habits.

Our bibles are gifted to you 100% free of charge.
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WoW Is A Christian Movement

The reason for us providing you a free bible NZ-wide is because WalknOnWater is a movement to help youths find Christianity through funding community activities as a subtle channel, without overwhelming people to deliver Christian values. We teach people how to surf, how to cook, how to make friends, and provide a safe environment for teens to get them off the streets. You can have as many free bibles provided to you as you wish. It’s all for a good cause.


Get The Bible App

If you’re not wanting a hard copy of the holy bible, then we also have a downloadable app, in which you can read the Testament in digital copy in over 1500 languages. This option is better for people that are regularly engaged in learning from our holy father and/or are traveling a lot, meaning that carrying a hard copy is impracticable. Get it here. You’ll also have access to Gideon’s learning-calendar, to motivate you to form habits to engage in God’s truth.




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More Questions?

Feel free to connect with us for a more detailed conversation about how you might sponsor an event, Donate or assist the WoW movement in it’s world-changing mission.