Register Events In your City

Register events for youths here. If they’re free events to support your community, that’s even better. Walk’nOnWater (WoW) is an organisation to showcase events for youths that help teach them social skills, keep them out of trouble and install good values. There are many events happening in New Zealand but the issue is, they’re all under the radar. List events here and you’ll be on the fastest growing event platform for youths in New Zealand. You can choose what city to feature in, whether it’s a repeating event, and what to do if your event is cancelled.


How To List Events

The first step to list events is by simply filling out the form below. Once submitted, one of our event listing team members will get in touch, ask a few questions and if you tick all of the boxes, including safety, then we’ll get your details uploaded to our website, quick and snappy. Listing events is free, but pleas remember, WoW is an free event listing site for Kiwi youths.

Info You’ll Need To List Events

You’ll need a short paragraph description about your events and who it’s suitable for.

Other details required are:


  1. Time & Location
  2. Regularity
  3. Is it free, or is there a cost
  4. What happens in wet weather
  5. Is transport provided?
  6. Details of how to find the event
  7. Website details
  8. Contact person
  9. Email address
  10. Phone number

We operate a free event listing site, so please be courteous, organised and easy to work with 🙂


How long does it take after submission to list an event?

Usually we can get back to you within just a few days. Once approved and safety checked, we can have it loaded within 24 hours on our website.

Our group doesn’t have a website, is that an issue?

Not at all. Most groups offer Facebook pages, so just list this instead.

What age range is considered for youths?

We feel that youths are from 8 years old through to 15 years old, although we do have events that are specifically for slightly older youths.

How do free event listing sites make money?

Yes, we are a free event listing site, and our intention is not to make money. However we would like it to be self sustainable so if you have any great ideas, please do let us know.

More Questions About WoW’s free event listing site?

Feel free to connect with us for a more detailed conversation about how you might sponsor an event, donate, or assist the WoW movement in our world-changing mission starting in New Zealand. Giving out bible’s costs money, but it’s a great cause and that start of a cultural change. Let’s help people, but more importantly, guide the youths of today towards healthy lifestyles, away from corruption and temptation. Every little bit of your support helps, so please reach out.