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Join us & we’ll have you Walkn on Water in no time. We’re a group of good ppl, who naturally become life-long mates & support each other through thick & thin. Learn Christian values translated into a modern day world by people that have done it hard. They’ve toughed it out, come out on top and are open to sharing experiences and to help others going through similar situations.

Our mission is to build a community of friendships and values so strong, that you’ll always have people you can count on. Plus we’ll put on sick-as events, that you’ll remember for life.

Chat with someone who’s toughed it out in life
& learned some tricks along the way.

Confidential 1-on1 discussions.

Ash Horton

Jonh Doe

Eva Doe

Yasya Kov

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought church was boring?

Yeah, because it’s old-school it can feel a little boring, but this mission is about making it fun. Imagine a skate park, free pizza, mates, and a 15-minute lesson from an advanced skater. That would definitely top the list of fun things to do. Just think of it as good people having good times in a safe environment.

Do I have to give up my Sundays?

Not at all. The Walk’n On Water movement is designed so you guys can have fun things to do in your spare time. It could be a Wednesday arvo or Friday evening. Just check the event page for the specifics, and you’ll see that there are different things to do at different times.

If I join, do I have to turn up every week?

This is an absolutely no-pressure zone. If you enjoy coming along, sweet as, but If not, no worries at all. It’s on your terms. But if you do book a spot at an event, then don’t be uncool and not attend. If you do that more than once, then you won’t be able to book future events.

Can I volunteer to help?

100%, but we have a safety-first policy, meaning that we’ll need to run a police check and a few other things to ensure any of our attendees are in responsible hands. If you’d like to volunteer, there are two different ways of doing so. The first is to become an event host, where your role will be to help a local church with an activity. If you’ve got special skills such as being a master chef, then this could be a perfect opportunity to suggest hosting a cooking class. If you want to volunteer as a mentor because you have the valuable life experience or you’re qualified in psychology, then you could easily assist with helping youths that might be going through tough times. Go to our volunteer page for more information.

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Want to win $200? Each month we choose a winner. Submit a cool vid, that’s me how related to being a christian and Bam with hashtag #walknonwater and #wow. You’re in the draw.

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    Ralph Edwards @ralphedwards on TikTok
    Ralph Edwards @ralphedwards on TikTok