Discovering Belonging: Why Young Adults Should Consider Joining a Church


In today’s fast-paced world, young adults often find themselves searching for a sense of belonging and community. The desire for genuine connections and a place to explore their spirituality is a common thread among this demographic. One place that offers just that is the church. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why young adults in New Zealand should consider joining a church, with a special focus on the benefits of participating in church youth groups.

I. Building Genuine Connections:

One of the most significant advantages of joining a church is the opportunity to build genuine connections with like-minded peers. Church youth groups are known for their vibrant and welcoming communities, providing young adults with the chance to forge meaningful friendships. Engaging in social events and activities organised by the youth groups helps break the ice and fosters camaraderie. Group studies and open discussions on relevant topics allow participants to share their thoughts and experiences openly, creating a safe space for personal growth and development. Moreover, church youth groups often encourage mentorship programs, allowing young adults to benefit from the guidance and wisdom of experienced adults within the congregation.

II. Exploring and Deepening Spirituality:

Joining a church opens doors to explore and deepen one’s spirituality. Many young adults are on a journey of self-discovery and purpose, seeking answers to life’s existential questions. Church communities provide a nurturing environment to explore these questions through teachings, Bible studies, and discussions. Engaging in worship and prayer practices not only fosters a sense of peace but also helps young adults connect with something greater than themselves. Learning from inspiring role models and listening to testimonies of personal transformation can be incredibly impactful, motivating young adults to embrace their own spiritual journeys.

III. Finding a Safe and Inclusive Space:

Churches, especially youth groups, are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for young adults from diverse backgrounds and identities. In today’s world, where acceptance is crucial, church communities actively work to foster an atmosphere of non-judgment and acceptance. Addressing mental health and well-being is a priority within these communities, with resources and support available for those struggling with various challenges. The sense of belonging that comes with being part of an accepting community can be transformative, giving young adults the confidence to embrace their authentic selves.

IV. Engaging in Community Service and Outreach:

Church youth groups provide unique opportunities for young adults to engage in community service and outreach initiatives. Participating in local and global charitable projects not only benefits society but also fosters personal growth and compassion. These experiences offer a chance for young adults to make a positive impact, work as part of a team, and develop leadership skills. The spirit of service instilled during youth group involvement often stays with young adults throughout their lives, encouraging a lifelong commitment to making a difference in the world.

V. Addressing Parental Concerns and Misconceptions:

Parents may have concerns about their young adults joining a church or youth group. Addressing these concerns with openness and understanding is essential. Some common concerns include fears of indoctrination, over-strict rules, or lack of inclusivity. It is vital to communicate the benefits of church involvement, emphasizing the sense of belonging, spiritual exploration, and community service opportunities. Highlighting safety measures and youth-focused programs that prioritize the well-being of young adults can provide reassurance to parents. Encouraging parental involvement and support within the church community also fosters a sense of unity between generations.


Joining a church, especially participating in its youth group, offers a myriad of benefits for young adults in New Zealand. It provides an avenue for building genuine connections, exploring spirituality, finding a safe and inclusive space, engaging in community service, and addressing parental concerns. As young adults navigate the complexities of life, the church can be a guiding force, offering a sense of belonging and purpose. It is an invitation to embrace community, grow spiritually, and make a positive impact on the world. So, if you are a young adult in New Zealand seeking meaning and connection, consider discovering belonging in a church and its youth group – you may find your life transformed in ways you never imagined.

Here’s a list of New Zealand churches to join if you’re ready to take the next steps.  If you want to investigate youth groups directly, here’s a list of youth groups.

Just select your city, and follow your nose! Enjoy.