QE2 Youth Drop In Centre


B-Ball, Pizza & hangs!


Every Friday (during term time)


Year 7-13 youth

Life Church QE 2 Campas 71 Atlantis St


Contact: lyt@lyt.org.nz


icon No spots available

La Vida Youth Trust is a Christian faith based charitable trust. We advocate for young people from primary school through to young adults in our local communities and across the region. We work in local schools, run community programmes, and are at many university and city wide events. We exist to create relational communities where any young person, regardless of who they are or where they come from, can feel a sense of belonging and be in a place where they can discover their identity through connectedness to mentors and peers. We have a passionate team of staff and volunteers who are committed to being authentic role models and be available for support, listening, advocating, guidance, positive peer presence, providing safe environments and having a lot of fun. We love to serve people.

La Vida Youth Trust

Empowering young people and their whānau to reach their mental/emotional, social, physical, and spiritual potential