Ideas About How Best To Raise Teenagers

For parents in New Zealand, raising teenagers comes with its own unique charm and challenges. As our Kiwi youngsters embark on their journey of self-discovery, we, as parents, hold the key to guiding them toward productivity, happiness, and responsible adulthood. In this article, we’ll delve into why it’s important to encourage hobbies and youth group involvement in the Kiwi context, offering examples of activities that can divert teenagers from temptation while highlighting the strong bonds and relationships they will acquire. It’s pretty cool really and you as parents have the ability to shape your youngsters’ future in such a profound way. Get this right and many other values and behaviours will fall into place.


Embracing the Kiwi Spirit: Encouraging Hobbies

Adventure playground

We live in an adventure playground, so why not embrace it. Encouraging your teenagers to enjoy nature by taking up hobbies like hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, or even learning to surf is far better than sitting on the couch watching tele. These activities not only nurture a love for the environment but also foster resilience and appreciation for our stunning landscapes.


Kiwis are known for their commitment to sustainability. Encourage your teenagers to get involved in community gardening, recycling initiatives, or even urban beekeeping. These hobbies cultivate a sense of responsibility towards our planet.


The artistic spirit thrives in New Zealand. Whether it’s painting, music, or writing, hobbies in the arts provide a safe space for your teenagers to express themselves and develop vital skills like creativity and self-confidence.


The Role of Kiwi Youth Groups

Now as you’re reading this you might be thinking, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard this all before. My kid isn’t intersted, or how do I motivate them? Youth groups are the key.


Kiwi youth groups often organise outdoor adventures, such as tramping (hiking), kayaking, and rock climbing. These activities not only build physical fitness but also create lasting memories and friendships.


  • Many youth groups in New Zealand are involved in conservation efforts. Teens can participate in tree planting, wildlife rescue, or beach cleanups, instilling a sense of environmental stewardship.


  • Kiwi youth groups celebrate diversity and offer opportunities for cultural exchange. Teenagers can participate in events like Māori cultural nights or international food festivals, fostering appreciation for different cultures.


  • Rugby, cricket, and netball are immensely popular in New Zealand. Joining a youth group sports team not only keeps teenagers active but also teaches teamwork and sportsmanship.


  • Kiwi youth groups often offer leadership development programs, empowering teenagers to take on leadership roles and become active, responsible citizens in their communities.


Strong Bonds and Lifelong Relationships

By engaging in hobbies and youth groups, teenagers in New Zealand have the chance to form deep and lasting bonds with their peers. These connections can steer them away from negative temptations and provide a supportive network of friends who share their interests and values. Whether it’s conquering a challenging hiking trail together or working on a community project, these shared experiences create a sense of belonging and purpose.

In the Land of the Long White Cloud, where natural beauty and cultural diversity abound, encouraging hobbies and youth group involvement is not just about keeping teenagers busy – it’s about nurturing their growth, building character, and fostering strong, lifelong relationships that will serve as a cornerstone for their bright future as responsible Kiwis. So, let’s embrace these opportunities and empower our teens to thrive in the heart of New Zealand’s unique spirit.

All-in-all, it’s a no brainer. If you don’t do this, what’s the alternative?  Where will they end-up on a Wednesday evening after school? You have so much influence  as parents at this important age. Please keep our youths safe and healthy.

Much Love.