Adrenaline Junky Events

Ever thought of yourself as an extreme sports kinda person? Well, here’s your chance to trail a little adventure in amongst mates, and what’s even better is that it’s free. Walk’n On Water extreme sports events are free for youths, and you’ll be shown the ropes by experienced mentors and instructors that will keep you safe and encourage you to be your best self. You’ll be fed, you’ll get skills, and you’ll have loads of laughs while making memories. WoW events vary in activities, so select an event in your area, choose the extreme sport that interests you most and register fast because a limited amount of spots are available.


Extreme Sports

Our extreme sports aren’t always too extreme; in fact, adventure sports might be a better description because we like to make sure everyone knows they’re going to be safe and in a comfortable environment. That said, getting the adrenaline pumping never hurt anyone. Possible events include; downhill mountain biking, abseiling, climbing, kite surfing, white water rafting, bouldering & more.

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Rock School (learn the guitar)

This is a test event. Check back soon for real events near you.

What To Expect

Our adrenaline junky category is for extreme sports events to get youths into activities that schools usually wouldn’t provide. It allows you to challenge yourself, to find something you can train hard for and experience the extraordinary with like-minded people. No doubt you’ll be put out of your comfort zone from time to time, and that’s where the power of surrounding yourself with mates who will support you kicks in. We’re a team, a network of kick-arse people that will have your back through thick & thin. Check out events in your location for more details.